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Put Your Career in Gear with Monster Career Services. We have got: Resume Writing Services to help you knock out the competition by showcasing your most marketable skills and strengths with a strategically written resume. Online Psychometric Teststo let you determine your personality, career & areas of more»
Stand out from the job searching crowd with a unique combination of skills, experience, attributes and career advice from Monster.

Monster helps you formulate better career decisions by offering numerous career tips for a successful job interview, resume creation, salary and much more.

In addition, we have recently introduced interesting and informative sections like 'Upcoming Job Trends', 'New Career Options','Self improvement Tips' and 'Expert Advice' to help you stay in step with job trends and accelerate your self-learning.

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Employment Index - HR Jobs, sales jobsMonster Employment Index Middle East Rises 14 Percent, Year-on-Year
Monster Employment Index Middle East edges up by a significant 14 percent between February ...
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    Customize your resume for what employers are looking for, a new look and feel that makes you stand apart the crowd.
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    Get a professional resume that stands out. Also share it with TOP PLACEMENT CONSULTANTS across the country.
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    Grab the quick attention of prospective employers by highlighting your professional skills and personal attributes.
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    Determine your personality, career & areas of improvement with scientifically validated psychometric tools offered by Central Test.
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