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Keywords / Skills : copywriting, editing, media production, corporate communications, advertising campaigns management, illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Public Relations, Audio-Visual Communications, Marketing, Marketing Communications

5 - 10 years
Posted: 2017-08-10

NGO/Social Services
Marketing & Communications
Copy Writer
Social Media Executive
Bachelor's Degree
• Advertising/Mass Communication
• Marketing
• PR/Public administration
Posted On
10th Aug 2017
Job Description

Improving the visibility and awareness of the vital water and wastewater services provided by National and Regional Water authorities in Lebanon will ultimately improve the sustainability of water and wastewater infrastructure, and reduce WASH related vulnerability that leads to inequity and child health risk.

There is an immediate need for hiring urgent surge support, working in close consultation with the BEKAA WATER ESTABLISHMENT to implement a targeted communications strategy, to participate in building well-functioning communications services, to provide technical assistance and day-to-day support in the field of communications, customer relations, and community relations programs, and in developing and implementing the plan of action and to prepare the budget based on the signed-off communications strategy and the endorsed plan of action by BWE.

As a result of the communications strategy, UNICEF is looking to hire a professional Communications Officer to assist BWE in implementing the communications strategy and plan of action.

The Communications Officer will be based in BWE offices and will work directly under the supervision of the Director General of BWE and in coordination with communications and customer relations team at BWE.


The Government of Lebanon in year 2000 introduced new water sector legislation leading to the divestment of responsibility for water service provision to (4) Water Establishments (WE), which operate at a regional level, and planning and policy responsibility remaining with the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) at the national level. The legislation is only partially implemented leading to unclear approval procedures, freeze in recruitment and a lack of visibility of WEs.

Fifteen years on, customer surveys continue to show that the WEs have limited visibility within the community and as a consequence struggle to raise community awareness on need to support water and wastewater services, and the process to report issues resulting in leakage and environmental damage.

UNICEF is a lead agency supporting the MEW, and WEs in the WASH sector in Lebanon. However, there is a need for WEs to improve autonomy, transparency and accountability for their service provision. Improvements in service provision by WEs will ensure the water/wastewater infrastructure UNICEF is implementing with the WEs is sustainable and ultimately WEs become more independent using funds raised through rates to implement infrastructure, and ensure operation and maintenance.

Scope of work:

Under the supervision of DG of BWE with the technical assistance and guidance from the WASH COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST, the WASH, C4D, and COMMUNICATION teams in UNICEF, the Communications Officer will:

-Meet and liaise at the start and throughout the project (at least bi-monthly) with the Director General (DG) of BWE, and his/her counterpart staff members nominated and assigned by the DG of BWE, together with WASH Communications Specialist, and WASH staff.

-Document and share with UNICEF outcomes of meetings.

-Prepare a work plan in consultation with UNICEF for the period of the project, outlining the timeline for deliverables and activities, liaison and reporting.

-Advise and assist the DG of BWE, and head of Customer Relations and Communications (CRC) team in managing and developing the work CRC team.

-Carry on the implementation of the communications strategy and plan of action, suggest new activities and program that helps BWE to increase its pro-active communications and visibility.

-Assist in the update and upgrade of BWE communications strategy and plan of action, by collecting, developing, and incorporating comments from key stakeholders throughout the project progress and implementation.

-Assist BWE in developing and building a 3-year communications strategic plan (2018 2020).

-Lead and support the communications and customer relations team at BWE in review, update, write, edit, and produce all communications materials as described in the communications strategy and plan of action, and develop the program that serves the customer relations and community based programs.

-Liaise with UNICEF/WASH, COMMUNICATION, and C4D sections to fulfil his/her duty as communications officer at BWE.

-Be the focal point and liaise with BWE and third party agency, if any, in planning, development, and production of all sort of communications materials, tools, vehicles, branding, production, and other related activities to the communications strategy and plan of action.

-Monitor and evaluate the work program, the perception and satisfaction level about services provided by BWE through surveys, and be able to transform the outcomes and findings into recommendations to improve BWE communications, community based programs, and outreach.

-Develop key performance indicators, KPIs, to provide a performance measurement tool, and being able to benchmark against themselves and others at a later stage.

-Contribute actively in building annual calendar of activities for publications review and production, public services announcements, awareness and advocacy campaigns.

-Suggest the preparation and production of new communications materials as listed in the communications strategy and the plan of action.

- Support the work of CRC team by providing necessary technical support, advice, knowledge and expertise transfer, and on-job training.

-Develop a manual for communications and customer relations services and activities (e.g., policies, procedures, workflow, forms, instructions, etc.).

-Provide assistance to BWE in strengthening the capacity of the team of communications and customer relations in handling day-to-day work, and provide technical advice when it is needed.

-Contribute in building and organizing the corporate library of publications and communications materials for BWE. (e.g., print materials, photos, ads, campaigns, circulars, audio-visuals, presentations, viral videos, TVC, etc)

-Suggest community related programs to advocate the right to access a safe water, water quality, water sanitation and hygiene, water conservation, and to enroll new customers; and coordinate and liaise with WASH Sector Partners to support BWE programs to improve customer relations and engagement, and enhance relationship with community.

-Liaise with regional media and national media and broadcasting networks, and build media contact list, and ensure a systematic and pro-active media relations between BWE and the media community.

-Develop a press release and editorials calendar to cover and promote services improvements and advocate the right to access of a clean water, water quality, and water for all.

-Assist in producing a monthly internal newsletter - in electronic format -, to build and improve employees communications and relationships.

-Coordinate with the third party agency, if assigned, to follow up the development of the brand guidelines manual and its related applications, and ensure the implementation of the brand guidelines manual in all outreach and visibility materials.

-Celebrate World Water Day (22nd March) and World Toilet Day (19th November)

-Assist in the preparation and implementation of the crisis and emergency communications workshop, and be a member of the crisis and emergency communications team at BWE.

-Support BWEs communications team in managing and updating the website, mobile application, and social media platforms.

-Work with the Ministry of MEW, BWEs, and UNICEF WASH and Communications teams to develop and communicate the work undertaken by UNICEF in the sector.

-Undertake other tasks as required by BWE with the UNICEF endorsement.

To complete all the tasks, which requires travel and meetings that can only be set up depending on the schedules of others, the work plan should outline a complete project schedule that is updated monthly considering the following:

-Obtain existing survey data to gauge perceptions and issue, and undertake survey as needed; reimbursed

-Desk reviews;

-Meetings across the geographical zones of BWE, and country-wide when and where needed;

-Identify the needs for further ground research and discussions with people in the field;

-Finalize the work list in the scope of work, ensure the synchronization of activities and implement agreed components of the Action/Implementation Plan; and

-Work with UNICEF Sections: WASH, C4D, and COMMUNICATION to provide technical guidance to BWE on implementation of the agreed Strategy and Plan.


Communications Officer will be reporting to DG of BWE under technical guidance and assistance of WASH COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST. The Officer is responsible for the deliverables outlined in the ToR that will be monitored and approved by UNICEF WASH TEAM.

Deliverables and Schedules: Monthly payment based on monthly reports on deliverables and updates

  • Work plan enhanced by list of tasks and timeline for project implementation (with monthly updates). 
  • Monthly meeting reports 
  • Review report of the achieved results and completed tasks against planned activities. 
  • Produce a final report at the end of the project 
  • Within 2 weeks of commencement, thereafter updates at end of each month 
  • At end of each month 
  • End of each quarter 
  • One week before the end of the contract. 


-The duration of the contract will be for a total 12 months (based on the working hours of BWE) with completion of all deliverables.

Profile Requirements

-Bachelor degree in Journalism, Public Relations, Audio-Visual Communications, Marketing, Marketing Communications, and Social Sciences.

-At least five years of relevant work experience in the region at national and international levels within the private sector, UNICEF and/or Lebanese government,

-Knowledge of managing website and social media

-A proven record of experience in copywriting, editing, media production, corporate communications, advertising and campaigns management, and basic knowledge of illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign is an asset.

-A team player, attentive to details, organized, meticulous, and able to work under pressure.

-Excellent oral and written communications skills in Arabic and English; proven ability to work effectively in an inter-disciplinary, multi-cultural and multilingual environment,

-Knowledge of the MENA region and the Lebanon context is a strong asset,

-Past experience in working with UNICEF or the UN is an asset,

-Proven record in communications planning and communications strategy development,

-Past experience in working with the Lebanese Government and especially the Ministry of Energy and Water and Water Establishments is an asset, political sensitivity/ awareness is required.

-Fluency in English and Arabic is essential. Working knowledge of French is an asset.

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