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"Land Surveyor" "Senior Land Surveyor"

Keywords / Skills : Numeracy and the ability to make mathematical calculations;IT skills ;Organization and time management;

5 - 12 years years
Posted: 2017-07-16

Other Roles
Bachelor's Degree, Certification/Professional qualification
Posted On
16th Jul 2017
Job Description

Verify the accuracy of survey data including measurements and calculations conducted at survey sites.

Verify mathematical calculations.

Calculate heights, depths, relative positions, property lines, and other characteristics of terrain.

Calculate geographic positions from survey data.

Search legal records, survey records, and land titles to obtain information about property boundaries in areas to be surveyed.

Gather physical survey data.

Prepare and maintain sketches, maps, reports, and legal descriptions of surveys to describe, certify, and assume liability for work performed.

Create maps.

Direct or conduct surveys to establish legal boundaries for properties, based on legal deeds and titles.

Direct surveying activities.

Write descriptions of property boundary surveys for use in deeds, leases, or other legal documents.

Document technical design details.

Prepare or supervise preparation of all data, charts, plots, maps, records, and documents related to surveys.

Document technical design details.

Compute geodetic measurements and interpret survey data to determine positions, shapes, and elevations of geomorphic and topographic features.

Calculate geographic positions from survey data.

Determine longitudes and latitudes of important features and boundaries in survey areas using theodolites, transits, levels, and satellite-based global positioning systems (GPS).

Calculate geographic positions from survey data.

Record the results of surveys including the shape, contour, location, elevation, and dimensions of land or land features.

Survey land or bodies of water to measure or determine features.

Coordinate findings with the work of engineering and architectural personnel, clients, and others concerned with projects.

Coordinate activities with suppliers, contractors, clients, or other departments.

Establish fixed points for use in making maps, using geodetic and engineering instruments.

Create maps.

Train assistants and helpers, and direct their work in such activities as performing surveys or drafting maps.

Train personnel on proper operational procedures.

Direct surveying activities.

Plan and conduct ground surveys designed to establish baselines, elevations, and other geodetic measurements.

Survey land or bodies of water to measure or determine features.

Adjust surveying instruments to maintain their accuracy.

Calibrate scientific or technical equipment.

Analyze survey objectives and specifications to prepare survey proposals or to direct others in survey proposal preparation.

Analyze physical, survey, or geographic data.

Develop criteria for survey methods and procedures.

Determine operational criteria or specifications.

Survey bodies of water to determine navigable channels and to secure data for construction of breakwaters, piers, and other marine structures.

Survey land or bodies of water to measure or determine features.

Direct aerial surveys of specified geographical areas.

Direct surveying activities.

Locate and mark sites selected for geophysical prospecting activities such as efforts to locate petroleum or other mineral products.

Survey land or bodies of water to measure or determine features.

Determine specifications for photographic equipment to be used for aerial photography, as well as altitudes from which to photograph terrain.

Determine operational criteria or specifications.

Conduct research in surveying and mapping methods using knowledge of techniques of photogrammetric map compilation and electronic data processing.

Develop criteria for the design and modification of survey instruments.

Determine operational criteria or specifications.

Key skills for land surveyors

Numeracy and the ability to make mathematical calculations

The ability to understand and interpret data

Lateral and logical thinking

Cutting-edge IT skills and confidence with new technology

Problem solving and analysis

Attention to detail

Client management/customer service skills

Verbal and written communication skills

Organisation and time management

The ability to work independently and as part of a team

he should be conversant and have hands on working experience in autocad and must work on site with instruments under use such as Total Station (Model no. TS11, Leica Make)) and Auto Level (model no. AP224, Bentex Make).

Also: employers often require you to have a full driving license in order to travel to sites

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