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Understanding the Workplace Concerns & Challenges of Working Women in the UAE
A new study by finds that 60% of employees in the UAE feel organizations are striving towards gender diversity.Download
The Graduate Handbook: How to search for, find, and land your first job
Delving into the job hunt for the first time can be daunting. At Monster, we have a wealth of experience working with employers, recruiters and job seekers. And we have used this experience in bringing to you 'The Graduate Handbook: How to search for, find, and land your first job' for you. The book is structured into three segments to help take you step-by-step through certain considerations in your job search - from learning about how to search for roles, to writing the best CV, and finally how to completely nail the interview. So go ahead and download the eBook to make your job search, easy and effective.Download
Employment & Opportunities - Based on the analysis of Monster Employment Index
The GCC economies are impacted by unemployment of structural nature compounded by significant underemployment among nationals. In the past, most of these countries were heavily dependent on the oil and gas sector for employment of nationals and at a significantly high wage rate compared to the private sector. The oil and gas sector in most of the GCC countries is nationalized; increasing government outlays and creating ample job opportunities until mid-1980.Download