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Assist. Restaurant Manager

Keywords / Skills : Restaurant Manager

12 - 22 years
Posted: 2018-12-04

Afghanistan, Albanian, Algeria, American Samoa, An...
Restaurant Manager
Posted On
4th Dec 2018
Job Description

1. To actively participate in the meeting organized by the restauran soul, to follow and report on the actions of the decisions taken at the meeting.

2. To be able to see the possible faults in advance and take necessary precautions.

3. Provide a regime that will enable the system to walk through the board by conducting inspections - opening tours

(Business audit list) on all departments of the business.

4. Make the necessary checks to ensure that music, air conditioning and light are at the desired standard.

5. Check all the staff to make sure they adhere to the cleaning rules.

6. To establish a system to ensure that all controls are carried out by the Restaurant Manager at a time when she / he is not in restaurant.

7. To ensure that the service is provided at the discretion of Huqqa quality standards, to keep the quality of service and service under constant control.

8. To coordinate and supervise the necessary departments to ensure that group and organization sales carried out by

Huqqa Sales and Marketing are carried out without interruption.

9. Use discount and complimentary food and drink authorisation when needed during service.

10. Signing by indicating the reasons for all catering and cancellation checks made during the service.

11. To increase sales in business; to implement the proposed sales technique.

12. Make restaurant closing checks at closing times.

13. Ensure that Huqqa, which aims to provide services with a customer-centered (CRM) service understanding, transfers the necessary information to the Central Office for the realization of this purpose.

14. Directs and educates the employees for the satisfaction and faithfulness of customer.

15. Ensures that all of the services provided to customers in the process up to the hosting, receiving payment and farewell of the customers are carried out successfully in standard service quality.

16. To follow the visit frequency of guests, to ensure recognition of customers by all employees and to establish a system to ensure that the service standard is the same.

17. Deals with guest demands and complaints, solves problems, takes necessary precautions to prevent guest complaints and informs the Head Office about the necessary guest complaints.

18. To check whether the operator has been made at the end of the day in accordance with the account closing operations performed by the cashiers.

19. Warns cashiers and takes necessary precautions in order to prevent to malfunctions that have been controlled at the

Head Office and have been reported to his/her.

20. Checks the expense report form that has been attached to cash report,approves bills and receipts, ensures that any expenditure wont be done without of his/her permission in order to get under control the expenses and to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

21. Follows transactions on credit.

22. To have information about all the foods and beverages in the menu that has been given to the guests at the branch, to develop these informations and to transfer them to the service staff.

23. Provides the trainings related to food and beverages in the menu and evaluates the staff who taken this training with exam.

24. Checks that the food and beverages in the menu are served in the same standard.

25. Keeps track of changes in the contents of the food and beverages in the menu and to ensure that this information is transferred to the Operations Director from the kitchen chef.

26. To assist in the application of the marketing activities to be performed in the business according to the agreement conditions, to follow up and control the applications.

27. Coordinating and ensuring media work in connection with the Head Office.


29. Takes necessary precautions together with the related personnel to makes the counts in the inventory counts loss.

30. To assist in the investigation and resolution of the resulting counting differences.

31. To keep the goods issue and goods entrance in and out continuously under control and make necessary spot inspections so that the counting differences do not occur.

32. To determine the material equipment needs to be taken into operation other than food and beverage, to get the things to be taken.


34. To check the suitability of incoming material and equipment for ordering. To ensure storage, storage and use in accordance with the purpose of delivery.

35. Checks if the incoming material is placed in accordance with the warehouse regulations.

36. Checking the warehouse layout and cleanliness and ensuring that employees comply with this plan.

37. Controls the output of material transfers between the enterprise and the enterprise, depending on the type.

38. Ensures that expenditures do not exceed budget targets.

39. Develops cost savings provider proposals.

40. Keeping costs under control by ensuring that all expenses incurred within the enterprise pass on their own approval.

41. To follow up inventory of business equipment, to organize the counts, to arrange the provider to ensure that the breaks and losses are minimized.

42. Determining the manpower requirement of the Restaurant and if necessary does recruitment and send to human

Resources approval.

43. Ensure that recruitment of personnel is provided within the orientation program.

44. To determine the training needs of the personnel, to provide the trainings in coordination with the Head Office Human

Resources Department, and to conduct post-training checks.

45. Coordinating the process of recalling the order, delivery, and separation of the staff's clothing.

46. Ensure that staff fulfills their responsibilities in the framework of business general rules.

47. Staff make weekly working hours plan.

48. To organize solution meetings related to personnel, to ensure that meetings are held periodically and on a daily basis.

49. To evaluate the performances of the personnel and to make recommendations about the personnel's promotion.

50. To calculate weekly tip earnings and ensure fair distribution.

51. To direct and motivate the Staff in line with the Company’s objectives.

52. Ensure that the staff has a team spirit.

53. Keeping and improving the sense of belonging to company of staff.

54. To solve the problems of the staff about working schedules, leave days, salary advances etc. according to the operating conditions, applications and Human Resources Procedures.

55. Planning the schedule of annual leave process.

Key Skill(s)

About Company

Golden Group Holdings LLC, is a conglomerate with diversified business interest headquartered in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The company had its humble beginnings in the late eighties with Construction and Furniture business. Today Golden Group operates through more than ten companies across sectors as diverse as construction, real estate, hotels, home & office furniture, oil & gas, travel & tourism, investment, logistic services, interiors, commercial agencies and the Group is the founder of major financial institutions and banks in the Gulf region.
Entrepreneurship and rigorous customer focus has enabled Golden Group to grow its business by responding to the changing needs of the customers and societies in which it operates.
Structured into eight operational divisions Golden Group maintains a decentralized approach, giving individual businesses flexibility and versatility to maintain a competitive stance. This benefits employees, providing a clearly defined work culture where individuals are empowered with authority and responsibility for their work.
The combination of vision with keen business acumen enables the Group to remain at par with local and international competitors. The Group continuously monitors markets and applies its proven blend of business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, resulting in a number of successful ventures. The success of Golden Group is attributed to proactively managing change whilst upholding the values of integrity, service and social responsibility.
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