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Job Description

Job Title: Barista Dept: FOH
Location: Line Manager: Floor Supervisor / Head Barista
Job Grade: G-4
Job purpose:
As a Barista/bartender, you will need to make beverages in an extremely fast paced environment by following the standard recipes. You must maintain your workstation, equipment, and bar utensils clean and in good condition. Your fridges and cabinets must be continuously replenished with appropriate products.

1. Maintaining Standard Procedure
a. Ensure that all policies and procedures are followed in his or her section as mentioned in the Qoot Operations Manual.
b. Be committed to implement service and bartending standards (service sequence, bartending manners, etc.) understand that these have been developed to enhance the brand.
2. Daily Operations Duties a. Opening Duties:
A Barista is responsible to do the opening checklist or follow up on the bar checklist performed by the Barista.He/she should follow up on all the required tasks such as: b. Receive orders from the store and suppliers (checking if the received products (quality and quantity) are as per requested. c. Closing Duties: A Barista is responsible to do the closing checklist or following up on all the required tasks. d. Preparing requisitions for the next day.
3. General Duties
a. Respecting your schedule (as posted 72 hours prior)
b. Being on time in the workplace depending on your shift.
c. Getting acquainted with the history of the restaurant and the brand identity.
d. Getting familiar with the managers and owners. e. Ensuring a high standard of personal grooming and hygiene and always maintaining a professional appearance.
f. Completing all establishment set-up duties on time as well as following restaurant opening and closing procedures.
g. Constantly checking the overall cleanliness and tidiness of work area, especially his/ or her section.
h. Being part of any shift briefing and ensuring a smooth transition and handover between shifts without disturbing guests
i. Communication with management regarding menu changes through service
j. Never changing workstation, without the consent of the manger on duty.
k. In case of absence or having to leave for any reason during working hours, asking the responsible team leader or manager for consent, and them asking someone to watch your section during your absence.
l. Being aware of and adhering to all procedures related to security measures such as: fire, safety, health, or hygiene m. Punching clock in full uniform, ready to work, no and no later than five minutes prior to shift.
4. Bartending/Barista Duties
a. Preform cleaning duties to keep equipment and facilities cleanliness and sanitary.
b. Clean and polish the counter several times a daily and policy glasses when necessary.
c. Maintain cleanliness in all areas of the bar including counters, sinks, utensils, shelves and storage areas.
d. Must keep products at the bar away from contamination risk, cover and label products as appropriate.
e. Check daily for expired products and throw away spoiled and expired products following the set procedure.
f. Control breakage at the bar. Report such incidents as appropriate.
g. Prepare the necessary setting up (mise-en place) prior to the service period. Makes sure all garnishes are available at the bar.
h. closing checklist (as per the standard)
i. Prepare all noon-alcoholic and hot beverages according to the set standards, never change any of the standard recipes.
j. Replenish food & beverage items at serving stations.
k. Place the finished order to pick up area on a clean bar trays. Order items needed to replenish supplies (through the proper requisitioning process)
l. Completely preform daily bar checklist to make sure you did not miss any preparation.
m. Handle the maintenance responsibilities, report any deficiency to head barista or manager on duties.
n. Maintain all bottles and glasses in an attractive and functional manner to support efficient drink preparation and promotion of beverages.
o. Notify the manager on duty about 86 items.
p. Makes sure that the beverages are served within a reasonable time (as per our standard)
Key Performance indicator (KPI) Weighting (%) must add up to 100% Health & Safety Audit Rating 25 Brand Audit Score 25 Beverage Cost 25 CRM reports (Mystery diner, 3rd party platform 25 Total 100)

A high school degree or equivalent education required. A degree in hotel/restaurant management or technical hostelry degree desirable, or similar hospitality management
Must have at least 6 months of experience in the food services industry with at least 3 months in the same position, while experience in a multi-unit food service company or high-end casual dining venue is also preferred.
Technical skills and KNOWLEDGE: -
Excellent beverage knowledge - Excellent Coffee Knowledge & Coffee art
Physical Requirement: -
Ability to lift over 20 Kg on a regular basis. -
TRAINING & Certifications:
Food Hygiene Certificate Competencies Basic competency Technical competency Knowledge of Food & Beverage products Mocktails Written and spoken English Coffee Making & Coffee art Fanatical attention to detail Computer skills Windows, word, excel, outlook, POS systems Basic Mathematics Managerial competency (for Managers only)

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