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Job Description


UNIT: Majilis Al Khaleeji,


LIAISES WITH: All Departments
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Daily cash & finances
VERSION: V1.0 2019

To record all transactions made in the restaurant by following Majilis Al Khaleeji's SOP. To keep track of the table movements during service in the venue and to report accordingly on the POS. To close as accurately as possible your revenue centre and help with the cash up.


Main Duties:
To ensure each bill is closed according to cash/card handling.
Collect bills from the floor staff and process the payments.
Process all the payments according to the instructions given - credit card acceptable methods, cheque acceptance methods and cash handling methods.
Perform all split payments.
Assist staff with transfers, for example from the bar to the restaurant/ lounge.
Return all credit cards, copies of the bills, credit card receipts and / or change in a timely manner.
Communicate any disputed items on customer's bills to the manager.
Ensure that bill folders are clean, in good condition and sufficient in numbers.
Provide tips tracking sheets for the staff.
Keep records of all discounts and voids items.
Ensure you collect all waiter slips from the as they cash up for the night to give to the Restaurant Manager or Assistant General Manager.
Prepare accurate F&B checks on the basis of relevant documents submitted by F&B operations staff.
Ensure that all checks issued are settled against cash/credit card/cheque, or by charge to pre-approved members accounts.
Reconcile the daily collections at the end of shift and deposit the collections in the drop safe provided.
Ensure that all cancelled/voided checks are accounted correctly on a daily basis.
Prepare cash collection reports at agreed intervals.
Ensure any queries are immediately forwarded to the relevant Supervisor/ Manager to respond to issues of concern as they arise.
Accurate preparation of all documents and reports as required / requested.
Build strong and effective working relationships at all levels across the business.
Training & Development
To attend all training sessions as requested.
Ensure maintenance/cleaning audits are regularly carried out. Check all areas cleanliness daily and action accordingly.
Ensure Administration area is clean and tidy and well maintained at all times.
Check light bulbs are working throughout the venue daily and ensure that all maintenance issues are dealt with in a timely manner.
Inevitably, equipment and systems will break down; ensure things get fixed when broken. Liaise with higher management regarding maintenance priorities and cost.
To be aware of all statutory regulations affecting safety and ensure that any safety hazard is rectified.
Report for duty punctually wearing appropriate attire.
Maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times, always remembering that you lead by example.
Establish and maintain a good rapport and working relationship with all the staff in Majilis Al Khaleeji and all other departments as well as suppliers.
Provide a courteous, professional, attentive and efficient service at all times with all Majilis Al Khaleeji departments and customers.
Attend and contribute to all staff briefings and other related activities.
Carry out any other responsibilities or duties as assigned.
Support new recruits through on the job training.
Health and Safety and Welfare:
To ensure that all potential and real hazards are reported immediately and rectified.
Emergency procedures are rehearsed monthly and attendance records are kept; all emergency procedures need to be implemented and enforced to provide for security and safety of guest and employees.
Ensure the safety of the persons and the property of all within the premises by fairly applying Majilis Al Khaleeji regulations, by strict adherence to existing laws, statutes and applicable ordinances, and by anticipating possible and probable hazards and conditions and wither correcting them or pre-planning a defense against them.

This does not constitute an exhaustive list and you will be expected to maintain a flexible attitude and undertake any additional duties or assume any additional responsibilities as deemed appropriate by Restaurant Manager/ Assistant GM.
This document reflects the job content at time of writing and will be subject to periodic change in the light of changing operational and environmental requirements. Such changed will be discussed with the jobholder and the job description amended accordingly.
I acknowledge that I have read and understood the above duties and I accept them as governing my employment with the company.
Please note, the above points are an outline of your general role and responsibilities, however, you are also expected to carry out any other reasonable task requested of you by your direct supervisors.
Human Resources Manager Signature:
(NB: It is stressed that changes in business may require alterations to this Job Description.)

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