First Step
Abu Dhabi Al Ain
5 - 10 Years
Not Specified

Job Description

Cleans food preparation areas as determined by law and company policy
Prepares foods to the specifications of the client
Prepares food before the arrival of guests
Makes adjustments to food items to accommodate guests with allergies or specific diet concerns
Acts as liaison to front-of-house employees to ensure proper food service temperature
Orders ingredients and spices as needed
Operates various kitchen appliance such as a blender, oven, grill, or stand mixer
Portions, arranges, and garnishes food based on client preference
Assists other cooks during the food assembly process
Devises new recipes
Estimates expected food consumption and organizes preparation
Keeps records and accounts of food purchases
Orders new menu items for specials or cheap deals
Meets with customers to ensure a great meal experience
Prepares any necessary sauces or accompaniments before meal service begins
Stays open until the last customer leaves
Offers a creative menu to compete with other local restaurants
Cleans up after business hours
Communicates with owner about how to improve meal service
Alters dishes based on consumer suggestions or requirements

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