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Job Description

UNIT: Majilis Al Khaleeji
REPORTS TO: Senior Chefs
LIAISES WITH: All Departments
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Kitchen Operation Support
VERSION: V1.0 2019


To support Senior Chefs on daily basis to ensure success and affective operation ending in a positive guest experience.

Main Duties:
Demonstrate initiative at all the times.
Preparation and service of hot and cold dishes, responsibility for the section, carrying out ordering and stock rotation where necessary.
Strong desire to improve on skills and knowledge.
Ability to produce own work in accordance with deadline.
Seek own solutions to the minor obstacles that occur from time to times.
Review the daily production sheets with Chef De Partie or Sous Chef when the first is not present.
Prepare, and when required, delegates the production of the necessary food items in accordance with standards in a timely & efficient fashion to ensure that there is no interruption to guests service.
Actively participates in training of culinary skill to junior talent and apprentices.
Adhere to standardized recipes and specifications in order to maintain consistency and ensure all standards are met.
Keep workstation clean and organized including, but no limited to, fridges, freezers, counter tops and stovetops.
Ensure that station opening and closing procedures are carried out to standard.
Keep over-production and food waste to a minimum, ensures proper rotation, labelling and storing of food in order to reduce food cost expenses.
Operate all kitchen equipment and conduct them with safety in mind at all the times.
Ensure that all the food products are handled, stored, prepared and served safely in accordance with government food safety guidelines.
Report any and all deficiencies in kitchen equipment functionality and quality of food products to Chef De Partie or Sous Chef in a timely fashion
Comply with all safety regulations of assigned tasks, and ensure a clean and safe working environment with active participation in the health and safety program.
Adhere to all environment policies and programs as required.
Other reasonable duties as required.
Make sure to log all information in the kitchen logbook.
Attend all kitchen briefings.
Monitor delivery and delegate to arrange accordingly.
Cleaning schedule to follow.
Line check.
Ensure full liaison with other members of the section and the kitchen team.
Daily data collection and reporting of issues as they arise.
Stock rotation, FIFO.
Vegetables, dried goods and other food related items to be stored properly.

Training & Development :
Maintain a high degree of interest in self-development, displaying this by making suggestions for realistic improvements.
Ensure structured induction procedures are followed.
Ensure succession planning is in place.
Try to anticipate potential problems and follow company guidelines to avoid them. Inevitably, guest's complaints will arise, therefore, when they do please follow company complaint procedure.

Personnel & Payroll :
Ensure company rules & procedures are followed in accordance with the staff handbook.
Identify and suggest training if necessary to develop the restaurant team.

Ensure kitchen area is clean and tidy and well maintained at all times.
Ensure the back of house areas are maintained and cleaned to the highest possible standards on a daily basis.
Check light bulbs are working throughout the venue daily and ensure that all maintenance issues are dealt with in a timely manner.
Inevitably, equipment and systems will break down; ensure things get fixed when broken. Liaise with higher management regarding maintenance priorities and cost.
Be aware of all statutory regulations affecting safety and ensure that any safety hazard is rectified.

Complete all administrative duties completely and as written within the time frame given.
Report for duty punctually wearing appropriate attire.
Maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times.
Establish and maintain a good rapport and working relationship with all the staff in Majilis Al Khaleeji and all other departments as well as suppliers.
Provide a courteous, professional, attentive and efficient service at all times with all Majilis Al Khaleeji departments and customers.
Attend and contribute to all staff briefings and other related activities.
Carry out any other responsibilities or duties as assigned.
Support new recruits through on the job training.

Health and Safety and Welfare:
To ensure that all potential and real hazards are reported immediately and rectified.
Emergency procedures are rehearsed monthly and attendance records are kept; all emergency procedures need to be implemented and enforced to provide for security and safety of guest and employees.
Ensure the safety of the persons and the property of all within the premises by fairly applying Majilis Al Khaleeji regulations, by strict adherence to existing laws, statutes and applicable ordinances, by anticipating possible and probable hazards and conditions and wither correcting them or pre-planning a defense against them.

This does not constitute an exhaustive list and you will be expected to maintain a flexible attitude and undertake any additional duties or assume any additional responsibilities as deemed appropriate by Senior Chefs.
This document reflects the job content at time of writing and will be subject to periodic change in the light of changing operational and environmental requirements. Such changed will be discussed with the jobholder and the job description amended accordingly.
I acknowledge that I have read and understood the above duties and I accept them as governing my employment with the company.
Please note, the above points are an outline of your general role and responsibilities, however, you are also expected to carry out any other reasonable task requested of you by your direct supervisors.

Human Resources Manager Signature:

(NB: It is stressed that changes in business may require alterations to this Job Description.)

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