Drill Site Manager

Drill Site Manager

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4-9 years
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Job Description

Position Required: Drill Site Manager
Reports to (Position): Drilling Superintendent
Job Description/Major Duties (general job functions, responsibilities, day-to-day tasks & activities)
The Drill Site Manager will be responsible of the supervision of the day to day execution of the Approved Well Construction Program, by the Drilling Contractor, the Drilling Services Providers and other auxiliary Contractors employed in the process. Managing all contractors on site as per signed contracts and ensure the policies and instructions are properly communicated to all for performing their business for Oxy Oman in a professional and courteous manner, with commitment to high standards of ethical conduct, compliant with OPC Code of Business Conduct. Enforcing all Occidental Oil & Gas Company Health, Environment and Safety (HES) policies, guidelines and local regulatory requirements and ensure their total compliance is achieved. Ensure accuracy of the information input into the Occidental Openwells Daily Drilling Database and all rig sites generated reports.
Authorizes onsite work to take place.

The Drill Site Manager responsibilities include but not limited to:
• Significant autonomy within Company parameters to direct onsite drilling operations. Review Drilling. Program in detail and advise the Drilling Engineer (DE) and Drilling Superintendent (DS) of deficiencies and highlight areas for improvement to optimize efficiency and cost reduction.
• Monitors cost control items, advise appropriate individuals of potential cost overruns, together with anticipated increased values
• Any deviation from the approved program shall be in consultation with the DS and the DSM will initiate the MOC process as necessary.
• Leads the well site meetings as required for operations, ensuring all functions and disciplines are coherent as to the planned activities.
• Completes contractor performance evaluations
• Deploy new procedure across all rigs, such as standard operating procedure changes
• Leads all Well Site Emergency Responses, in accordance to Oxy’s established Emergency Response Protocol.
• Confirm all well shut-ins prior to the required deadline, per the Detail Drilling Program, and record in Openwells.
• Confirm that notification has been given with respect to starting up shut-in wells at the appropriate time and record in Openwells.
• Champions Safety and Operational leadership ensuring that the welfare of personnel is paramount, and the integrity of the well and well construction equipment is not compromised.
• Leads and encourages participation from all team members in the Oxy and Drilling Contractor safety programs. Ensures pre-tour and pre-task JSAs are conducted efficiently and with purpose.
• Perform and complete a walk-around rig and pre-spud inspection with the Rig Manager, prior to accepting rig for spud, ensuring rig equipment and tools are in a safe operational condition.
• Write a Detailed Daily Operations Plan / Work Instruction, for the Drilling Contractors Rig Manager, Driller and the Drilling Service Providers Lead on the Rig. The Plan / Instruction will be discussed in detail every day with the RM, Driller and all Team Leads to ensure every function / discipline on the well site understands fully the operations plan for the day. The Plan will include, but not be limited to the following:
  • Detailed summary of next steps in the well construction process.
  • Expectations covering wellbore hazards and special or additional precautions required.
  • Conditions and timing for contractor people and equipment
  • Any other business that may impact the safe and efficient execution of the well construction process.
• Directly supervise and lead all well control and well kill operations in collaboration with the Oxy Oman Drilling Operations and Engineering team.
• Responsible for the timely ordering, checking and subsequent returns of equipment, material and services necessary for drilling activities under company control.
• Ensure that the equipment arriving at the rig site for use on the well construction program are certified, measured, and verified prior to running in hole.
• Witness all pressure tests (BOP, Casing, LOT, FIT, SIT, etc.), and other Company well integrity verification requirements as directed by the DE and DS.
• Inspects and approves all new well site locations in consultation with the Contractor’s Rig Manager, to ensure timely, safe and efficient rig moves. Provides feedback to DS in a timely manner, such that arrangements can be made to remediate any anomalies, and confirms that the well head coordinates are consistent with the coordinates in the detailed Drilling Program.
• Witness the setting and un-setting of all downhole tools.
• Is responsible for all casing tallies run in hole, and as such will supervise the measuring of all casings prior to run in hole.
• Ensure rig and equipment is being operated safely and within the equipment specifications.
• Ensure Rig Contractor’s Rig Manager and Driller keep proper and accurate drilling and BHA tallies as well as all drilling tubular components on location.
• Calculate all cement jobs and confirm calculations with the cement supervisor on location prior pumping job and ensure sufficient displacement fluid is on location.
• Ensure mud engineer performs thorough mud checks throughout the day and accurately reflects the properties in the daily drilling report and daily mud report.
• Ensure the Directional Drillers are maintaining the desired well bore trajectory, and that the DSM communicates all deviations to the DE and DS in a timely manner to prevent unnecessary high dog legs and costly sidetracks.
• Verify all tallies are correct.
• Witness all casing and liner strings being run and verify proper displacement of fluid.
• DSM will monitor all open-hole tripping, and as a minimum will be on the rig floor to witness the first 10 stands pulled off bottom and the last 10 stands being run to bottom. In addition, the DSM will always be present on the rig floor for tight hole conditions, and tripping through Build Up Sections (BUS) of hole.
• Ensure the Driller is filling out trip sheets properly.
• Witness all BHA’s being made up and confirm each is scribed properly.
• Confirm all tool measurements with the Driller, Rig Manager and Directional Driller prior to running in well.
• Confirm all OD’s being run in a well will fit and can be fished safely.
• Be involved in planning and lead supervision of any fishing operation and be present for all critical steps.
• Ensure Standards, SOP’s, Best Practices and Established Oil and Gas Drilling Safe Practices are adopted and being followed by all contractors.
• Ensure previous location is cleared of all equipment after the departure of the drilling rig.
• The DSM is the overall authority during sim-ops and ensures adequate communication is maintained with all participating functions and disciplines involved in Simultaneous Operations.
• Ensure the security of classified information on confidential wells.
• During problem or trouble time, ensure sufficient information is acquired to share with the Muscat Based Drilling Operations and Engineering Teams, such that informed decisions can be made.
• Checks and verifies for correctness and signs all job reports and tickets for activities carried out on the well by drilling and Drilling Services Contractors, if any doubt, consult with DS.
• Ensures accurate financial estimates and costs are entered into Openwells reports daily.
• Trains and mentors all company early career/trainee DSMs and other rig-based Company trainees.
• The NDSM’s role is not limited to 12 hours per day. Both day and night DSMs are on 24/7 call for their 28 day tour and will support each other to ensure safe and efficient operations.

(education required, background, experience, skills)
• Minimum of 10 years of oilfield drilling experience including 4 years’ experience as a Rig Management supervisor to be considered for a DSM position.
• Advanced understanding of drilling equipment, including top drives, iron roughnecks, pipe handlers, mud pumps, degassers, choke manifolds, BOPs, BOP control units, and other equipment is preferred.
• Familiarized with service providers drilling equipment such as mud motors, MWD’s, liner hanger equipment, bits, cementing, etc.
• Knowledge of Openwells or any drilling reporting system.
• Leadership and Organizational skills.
• Teamwork skills.
• Operational Risk Management skills.
• Analytical and Problem Solving capabilities.
• Contractor Performance Management skills.
• Good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Good PC skills.
Screening Questions for Job Posting website (Recommended!)
• Do you have 10 years of oilfield drilling experience including 4 years’ experience as a Rig Management supervisor to be considered for a DSM position (Yes/No)
• Have you been through any Drilling optimization training program, such as Oxy Drilling Dynamic
• Can you demonstrate the importance of managing Safety in the Operations (Yes/No)
• Can you take the Drilling Program and apply it to the Operation (Yes/no)
• Can you demonstrate the importance of leadership when applying to Well Construction operations, and when problems or challenges arise (Yes/No)
• Can you motivate and inspire a team so that they want to work hard and do the best that they can for you (Yes/No)

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