Head of Department - Science (Physics)

Head of Department - Science (Physics)

Buoy Group
Abu Dhabi
3-13 years
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Job Description

The primary role of an HOD is to deliver instruction that helps the teachers to implement effective learning practices in the class room. To accomplish this, the HOD must prepare effective lesson planning, grade teachers work and offer feedback, manage teaching aids and materials, productively navigate the curriculum, and collaborate with other staff. The main goals is to help teachers progress in their teaching and learning process.
Will report to Vice Principal.
Will handle 18-24 teaching periods of the subject along with 4-6 periods of class observation.
Serves as the instructional leader of the teachers with regard to the concerned subject department (under the jurisdiction of section assigned) and carries out his/her responsibilities to maintain high standards in the teaching-learning process and
innovative action plans that meet international benchmarks.
To facilitate an appropriate system for monitoring and assessment of the subject teachers as well as take ample remedial measures to improve their performance.
HODs should submit a report to the Vice Principal of the concerned Section every week on the class observation held during that week observed performance.
HODs should put in great effort to help teachers get/avail resources worthy of enhancing the teaching-learning process.
HODs should supervise and ensure the quality of the lesson plan and guide the teachers to attain and maintain standard objectives and planning to ensure a proficient teaching-learning process.
All records of observation, assessment, remediation and follow up action should be recorded in both hard and soft copies which should be e-transferred to the computer system of the Vice Principal (by email, network sharing), at least once in a month or whenever it is demanded.
HODs should hold fortnightly meetings with the teachers under him/her to acknowledge the needs/ short term requirements/functioning of the teaching - learning process, club activities, wall magazine etc.
Will organize monthly meeting along with the HOD. of the parallel section and the teachers in coordination with the Vice Principal.
The minutes of the meeting should be recorded in both hard and soft copies and to be e-transferred to the Vice Principal.
HODs should put in an effort to initiate motivate and actively coordinate for workshops, model/micro- teaching classes etc. through the Vice Principal. HODs are responsible and answerable to any queries from Principal / Vice Principal with regard to their job responsibilities.
H.O.D. will be part of the Curriculum Planning and Teachers Workload Allotment
Committee along with the Vice Principal & Principal.
H.O.D. should actively involve with Curriculum Planning Committee for the preparation of the curriculum which should be completed by the last week of February of preceding academic year and by the first week of March
H.O.Ds can suggest for the issue of Memo by the Principal for repeated non compliance of duties/ responsibilities by concerned subject teacher through the Vice Principal. However they should have strong evidence in support of their recommendation.
H.O.Ds are responsible for maintaining high standards and quality of the evaluation/ assessment of students as well as the setting of Question Papers/Work Sheets etc. pertaining to their subject & class jurisdiction.
Design the teaching and learning activities according to the ADEK expectations. Guide teachers after verifying the lesson plans.
Organise edutainment programmes to supplement the topics taught. Ensure differentiation and experiential learning techniques.
Ensure proper evaluation and moderation of the question papers for the school examinations.
Perform other responsibilities which may be assigned by the school authorities from time to time.
The purpose is to help, encourage and guide rather than criticize. It should be done in a spirit of co-operation. It should be done regularly and effectively. Partiality and prejudice should find no place in it. Criteria for observation should be known to the teachers and a copy of the assessment report to be given to the concerned after each observation. An ideal Head of Dept. should not snub or criticize a teacher in the classroom or in front of the students. Role of a HOD is essentially to be an excellent guide and a mentor to ensure that all teachers under his/her jurisdiction are reaching up to the international benchmark of pedagogy When any defect is noted with any teacher, then he/she is expected to discuss the matter after the period is over and preferably in the office and not in the class.
Records and files to be maintained by the HODs
All HODs are expected to maintain the following documents and also any other record as may be specified from time to time: School academic calendar.
Records Circulars and. Copy of curriculum and syllabus.
File of self-evaluation (progress and attainment) pertaining to the subject.
List of the teachers (under his/her jurisdiction) with their qualifications, contact details and their class allotments.
Teachers time table and Class time table.
List of text books of his/her subject.
Samples of Teachers diary and Students diary. ADEK Inspection report and Action Plan submitted to ADEK. Circulars from MOE, ADEK, CBSE, etc.
Minutes of department meetings. . Reports of club activities related to his/her subject.
Record of submission of teaching manual, correction of note books etc. Movement register.
List of gifted and talented and slow learners from each grade in their subject.
List of students referred by the teachers to the Vice Principal for counselling or
corrective steps.
Department file for the reference of ADEK.
Possess a broad general knowledge of all subject areas with specific knowledge needed in contract areas.
Possess group dynamics and interpersonal skills.
Possess knowledge of psychological, emotional, and educational behavioural development of children.
Possess classroom management skills which include discipline as well as record keeping Possess technological and computer skills.
Possess problem solving, imagination, patience, reasoning, creativity, judgement, and analytical abilities.

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Shining Star International School is a high performing International School in Abu Dhabi, fully accredited with CBSE- the largest examination conducting entity in the world. Apart from the 20,000+ accredited schools in India, there are another 200+ fully accredited CBSE schools across 28 countries and we are fully equipped to handle international students on our campus.

Our students receive a sound and holistic education across a wide range of subjects and extra-curricular activities, which helps them to develop and hone a broad range of skills.

Our curriculum is research oriented and designed to challenge students with varied abilities. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking and creative expression which helps our students excel both academically and socially. We ensure that our children evolve into responsible citizens with knowledgeable minds and benevolent hearts.

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