Head Waiter

Head Waiter

Sisban Holding Company
5-10 years
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Head Waiter


Line Manager:
Floor Supervisor

Job Grade:

Job purpose:
A Head Waiter is the first step to supervisory level who oversees opening duties. It is the post of someone who must oversee, coordinate, and assist in the implementation of the company standards, procedures, and policies necessary to achieve stated guest service and satisfaction, as well as cleanliness and sanitation, in other words, a head waiter is the direct link branch management and the service staff. The main duties of the head waiter is to assist the Floor Supervisor and the Outlet Manager in communicating all their instructions to the service staff and constantly make sure that the entire service staff is delivering the best quality service the are capable of delivering.

Role and Responsibilities
Maintaining Standard Procedure
A head waiter is the position responsible for the entire service staff. The way a Head Waiter understands and respects the standardized norms and procedures in almost the way all employees also see it, hence the head waiter must:
Ensure that all policies and procedures are followed in his or her kitchen as mentioned in the Qoot Operations Manual.
Never change any policies, standards, and or specifications of the operation of the operation without asking the management for consent.
Accept full responsibility of an change in policy, standards, specifications of operations
Be committed to implement production standards. Understanding that these have been developed to enhance the brand.
Daily Operations Duties
The opening of the outlet should be followed and carried out each day and has to be meticulously monitored each single day in order to ensure that everything is either reset daily and ready to be used by whoever needs to use it later on, or properly disclosed daily so that it is possible to keep track of operations later on. As such a head waiter has to take care of the following responsibilities:
Opening Duties: The head waiter is responsible to follow up on the opening checklist preformed by the person in charge of opening. A team leader should follow up on all the required tasks such as:
Briefing direction
Reservations direction
Closing Duties: The fhead waiter is responsible to follow up on the tasks of the runner, waiter and senior waiter during closing according to the outlets closing procedures.
Quality Control: Production and Service
One of the most characteristics of the head waiter is the ability to monitor and spot errors, mistakes and/or inefficiency occurring on the floor. A head waiter has always to be attentive to the quality of the service, food and even presentation of the plates that are served to the customers. As such a head waiter has the following responsibilities in that regards:
Assisting in checking the quality of the received food and beverage products at his/her outlet.
Ensure that all products in the menu (food or beverage) are being consistently prepared and served according to the restaurant's recipes, portioning, cooking and service standards.
Have a keen eye for detail and be constantly aware of the total picture within the restaurant.
Guest Service Quality
Guest care is the essence of a head waiter job, in addition to all other responsibilities a head waiter can be directly accountable for the way all customers are treated by the service staff, and all employees that do interact with the customers on the floor. A head waiter is to ensure that the service the customer receive which is known in restaurant business to make up half the dining experience is a completely delivered as possible. As such a head waiter has the following responsibilities.
Ensuring the entrance is never left unattended and all guest are welcomed in a friendly, smiling and enthusiastic manner.
Ensure that all guests feel welcome and are given responsive, friendly, and courteous service timings within the boundaries of the standards set for the restaurant.
Fill in where needed to ensure that guest service standards are properly met.
Verify that the guest receives the food and beverage quality set by the company.
Participate in resolving all customer complaints, no matter how minor they are. Never think that wowing customers is by offers only.
Cleanliness and Maintenance Responsibility's
When people leave a dining place, they usually judge it purposely or subconsciously. This process is of course highly dependent on whether they are going to go back to it or not, and how they are going to speak of it when mentioned before them later. Many variables will obviously finally shape their various overall judgement, such as the attitude of the waiter that served them, the taste of the food, the presentation of the plates, the time if the service, the color of the walls and much more but it seems to always hold overall opinion together appears to constantly be the cleanliness and sanitation on the entire floor. As such the head waiter has the following responsibilities to that regard:
Follow up on employee's sanitization and cleanliness.
Ensure outlet is impeccably clean, pleasant, and tidy.
Ensure that the furniture and fixtures in his/her branch are clean and in good condition. Report any deterioration as quick as possible.
Carefully watch for chipped smallware (china and glassware) and ensure that it is taken out of circulation immediately. Should co-ordinate closely with the stewarding staff. Report problems to the Outlet manager as appropriate

Key Performance indicator (KPI)
Weighting (%)
must add up to 100%

Health & Safety Audit Rating

Brand Audit Score

Employee evaluation

CRM reports (Mystery diner, 3rd party platform


Qualifications and Education Requirements
A Bachelor/TS/BS degree or equivalent education in culinary science is required, or similar hospitality management

Must have at least 5 years of experience in the food services industry with at least two year in the same position, while experience in a multi-unit food service company or high-end casual dining venue is also preferred.

Technical skills and KNOWLEDGE:
Specific brand cuisine & service standards
Customer relations

Physical Requirement:
Ability to lift over 20 Kg on a regular basis.

TRAINING & Certifications:
Food Hygiene Certificate


Basic competency
Technical competency

Knowledge of Food & Beverage products
Conduct staff briefings

Written and spoken English

Leadership skills
Complaint Handling

Basic Mathematics
Computer skills Windows, word, excel, outlook, POS syetmes

Fanatical attention to detail
Customer relations

Managerial competency (for Managers only)

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