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2-5 years
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Job Description



Line Manager:
Assistant Restaurant Manager

Job Grade:

Job purpose:
In Restaurants, being on the frontline of guest service requires patience, a bright smile and the ability to hide the tiniest bit of anger or frustration you may want to direct at guests. As host/hostess, you'll greet guests and work with servers to make sure hungry guests are seated promptly and to their satisfaction.

Role and Responsibilities

Maintaining Standard Procedure
Ensure that all policies and procedures are followed in his or her kitchen as mentioned in the Qoot Operations Manual.
Be committed to implement service and bartending standards (service sequence, bartending manners, etc.) understand that these have been developed to enhance the brand.
General Duties
Respecting your schedule (as posted 72 hours prior)
Being on time in the workplace depending on your shift.
Getting acquainted with the history of the restaurant and the brand identity.
Getting familiar with the managers and owners.
Ensuring a high standard of personal grooming and hygiene and maintaining a professional appearance at all times.
Completing all establishment set-up duties on time as well as following restaurant opening and closing procedures.
Constantly checking the overall cleanliness and tidiness of work area, especially his/ or her section.
Being part of any shift briefing and ensuring a smooth transition and handover between shifts without disturbing guests
Communication with management in regard to menu changes through service
Never changing workstation, without the consent of the manger on duty.
In case of absence or having to leave for any reason during working hours, asking the responsible team leader or manger for consent, and them asking someone to watch your section during your absence.
Being aware of and adhering to all procedures related to security measures such as: fire, safety, health or hygiene
Punching clock in full uniform, ready to work, no and no later than five minutes prior to shift.
Hosting Duties
Answer the phone with a professional way. Note the guest comments. Follow the company standards while answering the phone.
Check menu cleanliness, make sure all menus are wiped down, free of spots or satins, and are complete, digital menus should be charged, and QR code menus on tables clean and undamaged.
Make sure entry doors are clean, free of debris and inviting.
Check reservations (in case of) with manger on duty, Print reservations on a clean reservation sheet.
Maintain position at the restaurant entrance.
To follow host/hostess SOP's (as appropriate)
Handle waiting list in rush hours. Following company standards
Making conversation with guest while waiting and offer them a welcome drink if needed (consult the manager in such cases)
Try to remain calm whenever problems occur. Report the problems to the manager on duty immediately.
Guide guest to their table.
Take guests coat/jacket to hat stand or cloakroom, if appropriate
Seat guests and make sure that there is a chair available for every guest. Make sure to suggest baby chair when appropriate.
Ensure a smooth and even flow of guests by rotating stations to keep service level consistent, efficient and with due attention to customer request.
Bring the menu (according to the number of guests immediately after seating.
Alert the waiter of new arrivals.
Farewell departing guest
Keep smiling whenever you have eye contact with any guest.
Maintain warm and hospitable guest relations.
Follow restaurant opening and closing procedures.

Key Performance indicator (KPI)
Weighting (%)
must add up to 100%

Time & Attendance

Brand Audit Score

Personal performance review

CRM reports (Mystery diner, 3rd party platform


Qualifications and Education Requirements
A high school degree or equivalent education required.

Previous experience in restaurants or hospitality property with previous experience in a high standard operation preferred.

Technical skills and KNOWLEDGE:

Physical Requirement:

TRAINING & Certifications:


Basic competency
Technical competency

Written and spoken Arabic

Written and spoken English

Computer skills Windows, word, excel, outlook, reservation systems

Basic Mathematics

Managerial competency (for Managers only)

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Sisban Holding Company

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