Production Manager

Production Manager

Modern Dairy Plant Company Badr dairy
5-10 years
Not Specified

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:
- Supervising the daily production activities through the management and direct control of the various manufacturing operations in coordination with the production supervisors and supervisors and the department supervisors in the application of the approved production specifications and standards; And take immediate corrective/preventive actions when any manufacturing error occurs to ensure that there is no recurrence
- Preparing production schedules for various production activities in coordination with the of production planner and following up the manufacturing movement in all departments to determine the extent of application and implementation of the production plan at rates of 100% with the maximum limits of production efficiency and optimal operation of production lines, raw materials and labour at the lowest costs and the minimum percentage of processing waste
- Working on preparing performance measures for his subordinates and supervisors, evaluating them on a monthly and periodic basis, and submitting the performance results to the factory manager.
- Preparing production flow charts and routes for all products and their manufacturing plans in coordination with the Quality Manager and Safety Officer in accordance with the implemented quality systems.
- Creating creative solutions to the daily production and operation challenges to ensure the highest productivity and the lowest cost, and setting alternative and reference plans.
- Coordination with the Quality Manager regarding the study of complaints and observations of customers by adjusting and calibrating indicators and critical control points in all production lines, reviewing the corrective measures taken and its effectiveness.
- Studying and evaluating the current products, production methods and the costs, reviewing them with the cost accountant and factory manager in coordination with ERP coordinator and finance manager.
- Coordination with the research and development manager and the production planner when launching any new product and its evaluation and cost with the factory manager
- Coordination with the production planner to prepare short and long-term production plans in coordination with the factory manager and the marketing and sales departments in order to adjust and implement the production plan to fulfil its target, quantities and on time delivery.
- Coordination with the maintenance engineers in the implementation of periodic and preventive maintenance programs according to specific time schedules
- Coordination with the safety officer in training workers on health and food safety principles
- Coordination with the quality manager in implementing all approved and quality systems, requirements of governmental and regulatory agencies, and export conditions.
- Working on the application of the AX system (or similar ERP) with regard to the issuance of production orders until they are closed completely and correctly.
- Coordination with the dispatching manager to deliver and store finished products on a daily basis according to the set distribution plan.
- Coordination with the administration and human resources in training, developing and evaluating the level of workers and employees and arranging their vacations and working hours
- Supervising the hygiene and public health department to implement the factory's cleaning plans and schedules on a daily basis
- Submitting periodic production reports (weekly - monthly - interim) and production plans to the factory manager, discussing and analysing them
Participation in preparing the materials request planning (MRP) in accordance with the supply chain manager.
-Carrying out any other work assigned to him by the factory management or by the general management of operations and related to the nature of the production work.

Education's Level:
Bachelor's or Master's degree in food industries and technology, specialized in dairy and cheese industry.
Certified in Food Safety Management Systems (HACCP)
Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM) is a plus
Certified in Project Management Professionals (PMP) is a plus

Practical Experience:
At least five years of experience in the Dairy industries, managing and leading the whole process of manufacturing of cheese, cream and dairy overall.

Fluency in English languages; reading, writing and speaking
Able to speak and understand Arabic language

Skill in using basic Microsoft Office programs to prepare relevant productivity reports
Sufficient experience in calculating and controlling the cost of the product, the manufacturing process and the percentage of waste
The leadership personality in managing work teams and the ability to resolve conflicts and problems among his subordinates
The ability to make timely, effective and decisive decisions and to act wisely in emergency situations
Good communication and communication with subordinates and co-workers.

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