RAMs Manager

RAMs Manager

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13-18 years
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The RAMS manager is responsible for supporting the Transportation Engineering Safety and Systems Assurance (ES&SA) function in undertaking and delivering the required Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) analyses for the PROJECT
This will be in accordance with the project requirements, Customer requirements, and Chorus 2.0 ES&SA processes.

Providing RAMS requirements to the key roles of the Project according to the Customer/user requirements RAMS relevant Standards and Chorus 2 ES&SA processes.
Undertaking all RAMS engineering activities throughout the Project lifecycle, from the specification to the acceptance of the product.
Safety Integrity Level (SIL) allocation for systems/subsystems and process validation.
Performing and/or Reviewing all RAMS Analyses and ensuring their traceability throughout the Project life cycle.
Managing the approval of the RAMS Demonstration.
Participation and management of the Safety Design Reviews undertaken throughout the lifecycle of the Project.
Managing Safety Assessments and Audits undertaken throughout the lifecycle of the Project.
Providing Support for Engineering Safety accident/ incident reporting and investigation.

Knowledge of RAMS engineering techniques, methods and tools.
Ability to write accurate and detailed reports.
Ability to chair meetings and take decisions.
Good interpersonal, presentation and training skills.
Able to undertake independent investigations and gather required evidence/facts
Knowledge of railway systems and asset - experience in Systems and Safety Assurance within the rail industry.
Experience in Engineering Safety/RAMS Engineering/Systems Assurance within the rail industry
Knowledge of RAMS railway standards, such as EN50126, EN50128, EN50129.

Degree-level qualification in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or equivalent experience.
Engineering Safety/RAMS Engineering and/or Systems Assurance background.
Formal training or supervised work in applying RAMS Engineering techniques, methods and tools.
Proven experience of undertaking FMECA and RAMS Assessments.
Proven experience of involvement in hazard identification / risk assessment workshops.
Ability to effectively communicate and report, in both verbal and written English, to colleagues and customers on highly technical matters.
Experience in General Systems or Safety/Signaling Management, within the railway signaling industry
Recent experience of RAMS engineering within the railway industry would be advantageous
Experience in development of complex Safety Cases/Appraisals
General experience in Systems and Safety Assurance, within the rail industry
Detailed knowledge of signaling design application

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