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Job Description

Job Description:
  • Provide a day to day primary medical treatment services to all staff, visitors and contractors for illnesses and injuries either work-related or not.
  • Providing an emergency medical aid to all staff within the scope of his knowledge, expertise and as per the limitations imposed by the Saudi Arabian Law and refers to hospitals cases beyond those limitations.
  • Assist and contribute in developing the Site’s emergency response and planning program and organize and maintain a team of certified First Aiders that represents all the department/areas on Site.
  • Simulate emergencies, practice responding to them, evaluate the results and make any improvements necessary to ensure the continuing effectiveness of Emergency Response & Planning Program.
  • Assist in the response to adverse events such as injuries, illnesses, property damage or spills and contribute to the overall health, well-being and productivity of employees.
  • Analyze the types and causes of adverse events to identify trends, assess the effectiveness of preventive measures and implement appropriate corrective actions.
  • Investigate and report adverse events occurring on Site promptly to identify root causes and identify and implement improvements in a timely manner to prevent recurrence.
  • Carry out initial (pre-employment) and periodic medical examination which include vision testing, pulmonary function test, hearing test (audiometer) and urine urinalysis and make employment recommendations or evaluate staff’s health condition as required by the company’s Occupational Health and Hygiene Program and ensure that employees are informed of the results of health surveillance and their implications. Maintain a comprehensive medical record for each member of staff.
  • Conduct Health Risks Assessment to identify employees health needs, work restrictions or limitation and Company’s health and safety needs and develop a health promotion and disease prevention programs.
  • Conduct air sampling to determine or confirm chemical exposure and use sound level meter and dosimeter to monitor noise exposure.
  • Perform monitoring of the actual process or activities in relation to the site ergonomic program, which involves manual handling, packaging and keyboard work including lighting, temperature and air quality and manage.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle and practices to all employees, both in and out of work through immunization, health screening, defensive driving, fitness, smoking cessation and nutrition programs.
  • Provide and maintain signs, wherever it is necessary to inform or remind employees of risks or the precautions necessary to minimize those risks.
  • Conduct training to relevant staff on the proper use, cleaning, and fitting of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment).
  • Encourage all employees to identify and report health conditions which they suspect to be job-related and ensure that all work related illnesses and injuries are identified, diagnosed, treated and documented in medical records. Ensure medical confidentiality.
  • Collect and analyze employee’s sickness absence data to identify illnesses and injuries, both related and not related to work, that have a significant impact on business costs and productivity. Determine the principal causes or contributors to those absences and take targeted action to manage the principal causes of sickness absence.
  • Support the timely return to work of employees who are absent due to illness or injury making any reasonable accommodations necessary to enable them to perform the essential functions of their jobs in a safe manner.
  • Monitor the impact of absence and rehabilitation interventions on health, absence rates, and direct and indirect health costs.
  • Identify the prevalence of smoking among employees and assess the associated fire, health and safety risks. Support employees in their efforts to give up smoking.
  • Identify and assess the risks of foodand water-borne illnesses. Inspect areas where food and drink are prepared and stored to ensure that health, safety and hygiene standards are maintained.
  • Identify and assess EHS and security risks associated with business travel and ensure that information and advice on health, safety, travel and security is available before, during and after the travel.
  • Ensure the provision of immunizations, medications, information and advice appropriate to the risks involved and the health of the employees who will go on a business travel.
  • Identify and assess information and training needs for all employees according to their individual job responsibilities and the results of risks assessments. Evaluate the effectiveness of the information and training provided and correct any deficiencies.
  • Provide initial EHS information and training for employees before they start work or transfer to a new position. Review competencies and information and training needs on a periodic basis when circumstances change and in the light of changing duties.

A. Educational Background List any academic or practical education that must be obtained to be qualified to perform this role

1. Minimum Level of Education

Holder of a Bachelors Degree in Nursing (4 years course) and

A registered and active nursing certificate.

Occupational Health background is preferred
Area of Specialisation: Health and Wellbeing
Why is this Level of Education Required Legal Requirements
2. Preferred Level of Education

  • Excellent first aid knowledge would be an advantage.

Area of Specialisation

  • Health and Emergency Response
  •  Joining Availability: Immediate
  •  A registered and active nursing certificate
  •  Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (4 years course)
  •  Excellent first aid knowledge would be an advantage

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Leading International Recruitment Corporation (LINRCO) An International Recruitment Firm, with a globally recognize in workforce solution and specialize deployment of qualified professionals in various sectors or industries; such as Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Aviation, Hospitality and allied other services with an average deployment of 5,000 workers every year.
Established since 1971, with fifty years of professional experience; LINRCO marked its footprint in recruitment and workforce solution

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