Strategic Planning Section Head

Strategic Planning Section Head

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Job Description

Job Description
General Purpose of the job:
Supporting the Department of Strategic Planning and Institutional Excellence by preparing and updating the Authority's long-term strategic plan proposal based on studies, field research, laws, circulars and directives issued by the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the agenda of the Abu Dhabi Emirate plan, including setting general priorities and strategic objectives to achieve the vision and mission of the Company, In addition to setting work plans and mechanisms for strategic planning, supervision and follow-up on all relevant operational work.
  1. Preparing the long, medium and short-term strategic plan proposal for the Authority and updating it based on studies, field research, laws, circulars and directives issued by the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the agenda of the Abu Dhabi Emirate plan in accordance with the directives of the Director of the Department of Strategic Planning and Institutional Excellence and in coordination with the executive directors of sectors and directors of departments.
  2. Five-year strategic plan - annual update:
  • Presenting recommendations and expressing opinion in the process of identifying and developing priorities, projects, and indicators of the main results and performance, and updating them in line with the new laws and relevant instructions.
  • Supervising the collection and evaluation of internal and external information related to the current and future situation, analysis of the institution's internal strength and weakness factors, external challenges and opportunities (SWOT/PESTEL Analysis), and proposing modifications and improvements to the process of collecting information and methods of analysis to give reliable input to the strategic planning process (updating the current status of the authority's strategy).
  • Coordination with the Department of Policy Development and Research to analyze the results of studies and reports related to the challenges and social and economic impacts of housing programs to be taken into consideration in preparing and updating the strategic plan.
  • Coordination with other government agencies concerned with the housing sector, and those that have a direct or indirect impact on the implementation of the Authority's strategic plan and achieving its objectives and outputs.

1. Sub-strategic plans:
  • Preparing the communication strategy for the authority in coordination with the internal sectors and departments and the relevant external strategic partners, and supervising the process of its implementation in cooperation with the media office and the concerned organizational units.
  • Provide recommendations and express an opinion on the process of developing sub-strategies for the various organizational units (human resources strategy - information technology strategy - risk management strategy and others.)

2. Measuring and evaluating the implementation of the strategic agenda:
  • Develop and update the main results indicators for the Authority's outcomes in light of the change agenda for the housing sector for citizens in Abu Dhabi and define targets in coordination with the relevant internal sectors and departments in the Authority.
  • Setting key performance indicators and their targets and linking them to goals and initiatives in coordination with organizational units. Measuring progress in implementing the strategic priorities of the authority, and following up the effectiveness of indicators in coordination with the Institutional Performance Management Department, which in turn provides inputs to help follow up and update them.
  • Contribute to the preparation of identification cards for indicators of strategic goals and projects in coordination with the Department of Institutional Performance Management.

1. Project plans:
  • Coordination with the internal sectors and departments in the authority and relevant external parties to identify strategic projects that serve the goals and priorities and enable the process of developing detailed work plans for projects, and linking them to budgets and key performance indicators (annual detailed plans for projects).
  • Contribute to the process of collecting data and information on projects and programs that are about to be adopted in the strategic plan and operational plans in coordination with the Department of Policy Development and Research in the Authority, research and statistics centers and the concerned consulting bodies, and analysis of the results of studies and research (feasibility study).
  • Managing the change request process for projects and coordinating with the Finance Department in this regard, in addition to issuing updated project plans for approved requests and notifying the Institutional Performance Management Department of the update,

2. Annual Operational Plans:
  • Contribute to the preparation of annual operational plans within the framework of the strategic plan, and the development of alternative scenarios related to the initiatives and strategic plans of the authority according to a risk management system, follow-up of initiatives, their implementation and achievement rates, and linking them with various other work systems.
  • Submitting proposals to measure the extent to which the operational plans of departments, sections and operational plans are compatible with the established strategic plans.

3. Awareness of the Authority's strategy:
  • Strengthening the institutional culture and awareness of the Authority's strategy and the citizens housing sector and its agenda, through awareness activities that are implemented internally and externally to introduce the strategy and the implementation mechanism (strategy and communication plan).
  • Coordinating and implementing a program of workshops and holding training courses in order to build internal capacities for planning, and to provide employees with sufficient knowledge and skill to identify and plan strategic projects, develop detailed work plans for them, and how to identify the necessary (financial / human) resources and link them to performance indicators and collect and analyze results in coordination with other departments of the department (Managing change and building competencies).

Financial Planning:
  1. Defining the Authority's strategic budget in accordance with strategic priorities, and redistributing it in the event of a change in coordination with the Finance Department and the relevant organizational units
  2. Preparing strategic budget estimates in accordance with the financial system in force in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and providing advice to the Financial Affairs Department in linking institutional outputs with financial allocations (performance budget).Participate in preparing the annual budget (operational and strategic) for the department, department and sector in detail.

Strategic Planning Processes:
  • Establishing principles and controls to manage and direct the strategic planning and productivity improvement processes in the Authority.
  • Seeing the best practices and developments in the field of strategic planning and the work of the Authority in order to develop and update the strategic plan as necessary.
  • Participate in the representation of strategic planning in committees, meetings, conferences and forums inside and outside the scope of the authority, as assigned.

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