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Meet the Monsters
Never one to toot his own horn, Trump is clearly the biggest thing that's ever happened to the working world. Whether you're looking for big ideas about how to find the job of your dreams or big ways to advance your career, you can always count on our main monster.
Don't let his timid expression and Muppet-like features fool you, Swoop is definitely one monster who likes to make his own moves. Determined, decisive and destined for greatness - team up with Swoop and your future is bound to take off.
This amazing little monster can not only spot top talent in all corners of the world; he'll go to any depths to find it. His buoyant personality, can-do attitude and exceptional vision, make 'Cruiter one impressive little critter.
If you suddenly find yourself behind a cloud of dust, chances are you just missed Skeeter. Skeeter makes "The Little Engine That Could" look like a slacker. He's quick. He's agile. He.s the cutest thing on two wheels and he's constantly on the move...beating everyone else to the punch.
When she's not playing her favorite card game, Crazy 8's, you'll find Nettie doing her other favorite thing...surfing the Net. She likes to arm herself with as much information about the Web as she can. Talk about "insite" - she's like a walking Internet-a-pedia and she loves to share her knowledge with everyone around her.
Whenever you need to get something off your chest, Al-Ert is all ears. In fact, he'll probably know what you're going to say before you say it, because when it comes to work-related issues, he's seen and heard it all. Count on Al-Ert to just keeping rolling with the punches while dispensing a wealth of wisdom along the way.
Think cool cat and total technoid all wrapped up in one and you've got some idea what makes this cyber savvy centipede so special. With his awesome instincts and innate ability to pinpoint just where the latest technology is going, Technopillar has more than just one leg up on the competition.
You wouldn't expect someone named "Thwacker" to be good at long term relationships, so it may surprise you to learn that this guy is one seriously supportive monster. No matter what your goals are, or where your career takes you, Thwacker is constantly in tune to your needs, sticking with you every step of the way.