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Personality Assessment

For Students and Working Professionals

The test assesses key aspects of your personality by analyzing 5 unique behavioral traits. It is based on the globally recognized Big Five model of personality.

The report shows your most dominant traits and provides a personalized in-depth analysis of how you perceive yourself and others around you; this allows to predict your responses in personal and professional scenarios.

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Career Interests Assessments

For Students, Recent Graduates and Professionals

The test analyzes your interests with questions set around professional and personal scenarios. The assessment uses the renowned RIASEC theory of vocational choices.

The test report provides a detailed career interests profile, based on your most dominant professional preferences. It also recommends a list of most suitable job roles, with a personalized career interests analysis to help you create a career development plan.

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Motivations Assessment

For Personal Evaluation and Professional Development

The test helps you discover what excites you the most, makes you persevere and excel at work. The motivations test assesses your values using internationally validated psychological theories.

The report reveals your strongest motivators and gives an in-depth analysis based on the 8 dimensions of motivation. This knowledge will enable you to set the right personal priorities and make the most favorable professional choices.

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment

For Managers, Leaders, Young Executives, and Teachers, Trainers

The test evaluates your ability to recognize and manage your own emotions and the emotions of people around you.

The test report provides an emotional quotient (EQ) score and reveals your three most dominant emotional intelligence (EI) abilities. You also get a personalized analysis of the seven factors of emotional intelligence. The report further gives suggestions to improve the weaker aspects of your emotional intelligence.

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Intelligence (IQ) Assessment

For Students and Working Professionals

The intelligence assessment evaluates overall intelligence by assessing your numerical, verbal and logical reasoning abilities. It assesses two types of intelligence the Fluid and Crystallized form.

The test report provides your intelligence quotient (IQ) and scores for numerical, verbal and logical reasoning abilities. You also get a personalized analysis of your dominant reasoning abilities, with practical suggestions for further improvement.

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Talent Box
Match with your Top Skills & Job rolesAs you take the tests, you activate your TALENT BOX, which is a predictive matching tool that intelligently combines your test reports to provide matching scores for a pre-mapped list of 138 international professions and 36 behavioral skills. The more tests you take, the more precise will be the TALENT BOX.

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