Here is our comprehensive selection of psychometric tests designed for:

Management Test

For Managers

"This test is for managers who are responsible for leading a team and want to maximize their effectiveness as a manager / leader of the team."

The report gives you a complete evaluation of your managerial style. Once you know your style of management, you are better equipped to orchestrate your efforts to get most out of the situation.

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Marketing Aptitude Test

For Sales & Marketing professionals

"A unique test, specially designed for sales & marketing professionals, to help them perform better."

The report provides matching index of your personality with typical job-roles in sales & marketing. It also gives you a detailed account of your key talents that can be utilized for sales & marketing."

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Emotional Quotient Test

For Everybody

"Emotions play a vital role in life. Understanding and managing emotions well is key to success in all areas of life..

The report comes with detailed assessment of your emotional competencies and a guidebook to improve your EQ. This is something that will help you in all spheres of life."

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Personality & Career

Career Orientation Test

For Freshers

"This test is for those who are starting their career or are at an initial phase and want to know what 's best suited for them."

Your report on this test contains an analysis of your personality and suggests you the job that is most suited to you. You get to choose a career from a list of 78 major job clusters containing 900+ jobs.

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Personality Pro

Prepare for Interviews

"You will be attending interviews in the near future!!!! So take this test, because this is going to help you in a big way."

Your report on this test contains detailed description of your work competencies, personality traits, social and emotional qualities, which in a very important way will help you prepare for the questions that will be asked in an interview.

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