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To work at stations or workshops for mechanical systems and machines supervising planned preventative<br> maintenance, corrective maintenance and enhancements. To be capable of running and testing systems and<br> machines<br>

Skills :


Company Name Confidential
5-10 years
Not Specified

Mechanical Design Engineer for Power Transformers

Skills :

Checking the job documents (drawings, parts lists, functional descriptions, etc.) and checking the individual parts and the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical assemblies and components for completeness.

Skills :

Marketing Engineer

CMS Group
Abu Dhabi
2-4 years
3500 - 6000 AED

CMS is seeking male candidates for the post of Marketing Engineer to be based in Abu Dhabi. Good proficiency of Arabic knowledge is mandatory. Experience in HVAC Industry is preferable.<br> <br>

Skills :

Minimum of 10 years of experience in Petrochemical, Chemicalor Oil & Gas Industry.

Skills :


Star Of Kingdom
Jubail/ Al Jubail
4-7 years
Not Specified

Minimum 4 years of experience working as a Planning Engineer.

Skills :

Mechanical Draughtsman

Mayks Hr Consulting
Doha Other - Qatar
3-12 years
60000 - 84000 AED

• Meeting with mechanical engineers to discuss design ideas.<br> • Developing product designs from scratch.<br> • Presenting rough design drafts for client approval.<br> • Ensuring product designs meet the required safety and structural standards.<br> • Generating S

Skills :

Machine Operator

Company Name Confidential
1-2 years
2000 - 2500 AED

Calibrate the machine before the production begins<br> Ensure the machines are regularly checked and cleaned<br> Monitor and control the machine performance and settings<br> Regularly conduct tests of the machine’s performance and operating capacity

Skills :

Sales Executive

Company Name Confidential
3-10 years
Not Specified

Generate New Business opportunities<br> Hold meetings with potential and current Clients<br> Work with Sales Team to achieve targets<br> Product Knowledge<br> Negotiate and Close Orders<br> Give After Sales Service<br> Always be willing to learn<br>

Skills :


Company Name Confidential
8-10 years
Not Specified

Position Title: Electro Mechanical Engineer<br> Employment Type: Full-time<br> Job Location: Dubai, UAE<br>

Skills :

Mechanical engineers produce specifications for, design, develop, manufacture and install new or modified mechanical components or systems.

Skills :

Degree in Mechanical Engineering<br> Minimum 7 years work experience as MEP Estimation Engineer in MEP Industries (UAE)<br> Exceptional skills/knowledge in MEP Estimation

Skills :

Supporting the production Team Leaders this role is responsible for the management, repair and maintenance, installation and delivery of all production line Dies and Change Parts as per the production POD.

Skills :

Carry out mechanical maintenance activities on various machinery at offshore facilities to ensure effective functionality, reliability and efficiency in accordance with the Mechanical Supervisor's instructions and the Company's specifications .

Skills :

Position Title: HVAC & Electro-Mechanical Maintenance Foreman / Sr. HVAC & Electro-Mechanical Maintenance Foreman <br> Employment Type: Full Time

Skills :

HVAC and Electro-Mechanical Maintenance Technician

Company Name Confidential
Abu Dhabi
3-5 years
Not Specified

Position Title: HVAC and Electro-Mechanical Maintenance Technician<br> Employment Type: Full Time<br> Salary: up to 3,500 AED depending on experience and qualifications plus accommodation and transportation<br>

Skills :

Electrical Site Engineers experienced in conducting and maintaining electrical systems. Designing electrical plans and monitor contractors.

Skills :

Primary responsibility is to update the ELCAD shop drawings according to the red mark drawings and to realize the ELCAD as-built drawings of the entire Rail Electrification lot of Line 1 and 2.

Skills :

Mechanical Technician

Company Name Confidential
2-10 years
3500 - 4000 AED

Supports the production team as the mechanical expert<br> Ensures production and support equipment are functioning properly<br>

Skills :

Environmental Engineer

Company Name Confidential
Other - United Arab Emirates
5-7 years
Not Specified

Position Title: Environmental Engineer<br> Employment Type: Contract (subject for renewal)<br> Job Location: Mozambique, Southeastern Africa

Skills :

QA/QC Engineer

Asia Prime General Contracting Company
Abu Dhabi
8-10 years
Not Specified

To confirm compliance with ISO requirements and high professional standards. To propose and enforce best practices in the industry, through continuous development of policies and procedures.

Skills :

techcarrot Abu Dhabi is looking for Software Test Engineer with the following skills and who are in Abu Dhabi and can join immediately or max in 2 weeks but should have Health Care / Insurance Domain or BFSI Experience.

Skills :

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Mechanical Engineer Job Vacancies

Mechanical engineering is one of the most popular branches of engineering and encompasses a wide range of subsets. Thanks to the industrial revolution and the abundance of oil fields, the Gulf has a readymade market for mechanical engineers. Hence, professionals often apply for mechanical engineering jobs in the Middle East. 

If you are seeking Mechanical Engineer jobs in Gulf countries, you need a solid foundation in various mechanical engineering concepts. Innovations are happening every day, and you will be a major player in changing the world. 

What is the scope of mechanical engineering jobs in the Middle East?

There are many mechanical engineering jobs in the Middle East, especially the Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Kuwait. The role of a Mechanical Engineer changes depending on the job description. Broadly, you must be able to do the following:

  • Measure and record values
  • Calibrate measuring equipment 
  • Calculate using formulas and prepare designs
  • Perform maintenance of equipment
  • Regulate costs and inventory
  • Manage workforce
  • Build safety designs for industry
  • Conduct quality tests of products

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, you can get mechanical engineering jobs in the Middle East if you have the skills. 

When you start as a fresher, you need to increase your knowledge and skills. As you rise up the ranks, you can become a project lead and handle complex mechanical projects and supervise a team of people. 

What is the minimum education qualification required to get a job as a Mechanical Engineer?

You need either a diploma or a bachelor’s degree to apply for mechanical engineering jobs. 

Mechanical engineering jobs in the Gulf focus on practical engineering work and applications. To increase your chances of getting mechanical engineering jobs, you need to start working on internship programs. It will train you and provide experience for getting jobs in the industry. 

What are the different types of mechanical engineering Jobs in the Gulf region?

Some of the different types of mechanical engineer jobs are:

  • Design – Mechanical Engineer jobs in design roles are responsible for carrying out technical sketches on computer applications or sheets
  • Production – They supervise the manufacturing of different machines and equipment
  • Maintenance – Maintenance Mechanical Engineering jobs require you to keep equipment up and running
  • Quality – The engineer has to make sure that the manufacturing processes are as per quality and standards
  • Research – If you look for Mechanical Engineering jobs in research, you will be responsible for new and better technologies

What are some of the top companies hiring for mechanical engineering Jobs in the Gulf?

Aspirants have lots of choices when searching for a mechanical engineering job in the Gulf. There are various roles and varieties of industries. Here are some of the companies hiring for mechanical engineering jobs in the Gulf region:

  • Asia Prime
  • CMEC Middle East FZE
  • Aramco
  • Saudi Cranes & Steel Works Factory Ltd. 

What is the average salary for a mechanical engineer in Gulf countries?

Mechanical engineering job salaries depend on job profile and company. On average, you can get around 70,445 AED as an annual payout in Dubai. 

How can you get a job in the mechanical engineering sector in Gulf countries?

To get a job in these countries, you need to have the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Practical and software knowledge 
  • Proficiency in English and Arabic

What are some interview questions asked for mechanical engineering candidates in the Gulf?

Some of the interview questions you may be asked for mechanical engineering jobs include:

  • What is a turbine? 
  • What types of design software can you use? 
  • What is cavitation damage, and how to avoid it? 
  • Explain Gear Ratio. 
  • Why are LNG pipes curved?
  • What is meant by heat treatment?
  • What are the different types of fit?
  • What are the different types of spring?
  • Explain the concept of Drag. 

Are there remote or work from home jobs in the mechanical sector?

Yes, there are a few jobs that you can do from home. The most common of them is working as a design engineer. You need to provide a design for a new product or upgrade existing products and equipment. 

Do I need a Visa for a mechanical engineering job in Gulf countries? 

If you are an ex-pat or a foreign national, you will require a visa for Mechanical Engineer jobs in Gulf countries. Usually, the company that selects you helps you through the visa process. 

What are the skills needed to excel in a mechanical engineering job in the Gulf?

Mechanical engineering jobs require few professional skills, including a good understanding of industry standards and decent computer skills. These include -

  • Thermodynamics 
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Simulation Software
  • CAD Software
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Mechanics

You should also have soft skills such as the following -

  • Clear communication ability
  • Ability to work within a team
  • Creativity
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Commercial Awareness

What is the career path for mechanical engineers in the Gulf region?

In the Gulf region, there are a variety of mechanical engineering jobs. These include jobs in the following industries:

  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Automobile Industries
  • HVAC
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Desalination plants
  • Renewable energy plants
  • Power and metal Plants

You can begin as a technician and slowly rise up the ranks to become a supervisor or a lead engineer for a plant or a project. However, you must put in the effort. 

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